Brosjyre: Principals of keeping ants

Autor: Martin Sebesta
Auflage: 2. Auflage
Seiten: 32 Seiten
Erscheinungsdatum: 2007

Description: This book gives all the information you need to enter the fantastic world of keeping ants. It is easy to read and it has no complicated terms.

The following questions are answered:
– Which ant species is good for keeping?
– How and where can I get my own ant colony?
– How do I keep my ants?
– Why not begin with exotic ant species?
– What types of formicarium constructions are there?
– Which type of formicarium is the right one for me?
– How do I setup the formicarium the right way?
– Which materials are there?
– How do I use the different nest materials?
– What is important when thinking about the ventilation of a formicarium?
– How does this escape-proof system work?
– How do I use the bottom ground?
– What decoration can I use?
– What is important when planting?
– Which illumination is the right one?
– What is important when heating?
– What is important when moistening?
– How do I put the animals into the formicarium?
– How can I accelerate the relocation?
– Can I use one formicarium for more than one ant species?
– What can I do wrong?
– What to do on holidays?
– Ants have escaped! What can I do?
– What can I do against mold and mites?
– Ant anatomy and development phases

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1 review for Brosjyre: Principals of keeping ants

  1. Boele Ruurd Kuipers (bekreftet eier)

    Bought this based on the advise I got from the owner of I have ant colonies for several years now, but there was still a lot of useful information in the booklet. Recommended!

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